The System 4005
A Compact Forging Press Control With Brake/Motion Monitor

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System 4000 "Online" Service and Installation Manual

The System 4005 is derived from our standard System 4000 Stamping Press Control with features exclusive to Forging Presses. 


1.) To meet or exceed safety requirements of OSHA as specified in CFR 29 Part 1910.212 and .217 sub part 0. with dual channel CMOS circuitry.

2.) For solid state circuitry with low current, highly reliable CMOS type devices with filtering circuits on all inputs.

3.) To provide four (4) different modes of operation: three (3) by key switches from front panel (Inch, Off, Single/Foot).

4.) For extremely easy installation and operation. All wire lead terminals are labeled as to their connection. All terminal blocks are quick disconnect.

5.) For simple and quick malfunction diagnosis and repair. The new "E" version Main Control Board (June 2002) includes status LEDs on all inputs and outputs.

6.) With built in electronic cams and a full 360 degree brake/ motion monitor. All holding cam settings adjustable from within the cabinet with thumbwheel switches in 1-degree increments. The pulse generator is set once at installation and left alone. Speed changes do not affect the generator.

7.) To fit in a Nema 12 cabinet 12" wide x 14" high x 6" deep, yet provide room for a production counter, motor control station, system function indicators, brake/motion monitor test button, and more.

8.) To eliminate the need for a chain brake switch and helps protect the die from damage due to jam-ups. The system will instantly shut off the clutch/brake outputs if the monitor detects a slow down to below eight strokes per minute.

9.) With auxiliary inputs: Front guard or light screen, footswitch, auxiliary ram stop, air pressure switch, motor control, and single operator station. The new "E" version Main Control Board (June 2002) includes auxiliary PAUSE* and continuous Topstop inputs (interchangeable with earlier versions).

10.) Auxiliary cams available (electronically adjustable by thumbwheel switches inside cabinet).

11.) Production counter available on front panel (automatically bypassed in INCH mode).

12.) With a separate Clutch and Brake Driver using timed delays (up to 300ms) required by Ajax to prevent overlap.

13.) Bearing temperature sensor indication and individual front panel Fault indication.

14.) For many more options including custom designed, front panel indicators, etc.


    * The added PAUSE input on the "D" and "E" version 4000 Main Control Boards enhances and simplifies automated operations by providing an easy method of temporarily "pausing" or suspending the press cycle until the input is again opened, whereas the cycle will then resume or start (providing any stop signal has not been previously initiated). Typical uses are on plastic forming presses, long servo feed lengths, and multiple stamping press lines utilizing a number of presses linked (interfaced) together controlled by one operator.


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