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The New SYSTEM 4000 Features

Version "E" Main Control Board Revisions...
(Part #554000E1A)

     The new "E" version Main Control Board is directly replaceable with the "A" and "B" versions. The new "E" version is also available with a revised 1RC ribbon connector with break-proof and alignment-proof pins (#554000E2A) which is not replaceable with the "A" or "B" versions. Both "E" version Main Control Boards include:

Added on-board selector switches (in one program area) for:
     1) Clutch-Time Select - 1 second or 350ms.
     2) Motion-Time Select - Under 20spm. or Over 20spm.
     3) INCH Mode Auto Topstop - Remove or Enable
     4) Guard Bypass Select - Active in all modes or Bypassed in INCH or 2-HAND modes
     5) SINGLE/FOOT Mode Select - Foot Hold-Down or Foot Trip

Added automatic clutch timer cutoff circuit - for faster motion fault sensing (on high speed presses).
Added circuit to eliminate periodic false Brake Faults when idle on presses with excessive vibration.
Added Brake Fault Warning indicator - Front panel light blinks prior to fault.
Added Status and Fault LEDs above all input and output terminals for easier troubleshooting.
Revised the "Allowable Stopping Time" for easier and more precise adjustment.
Replaced all four output and input relays with field-replaceable modules.
Added an auxiliary Continuous Topstop input at 2TB 17.
Added an auxiliary PAUSE* input at 2TB 18.

     * The added PAUSE input opens up a lot of windows for automatic-cycling presses and multiple press lines. It's now a simple procedure to stop the ram/slide at any point during the cycle momentarily, then resume motion for long feed lengths, etc. instead of having to automatically stop and re-trip the press (which is also much more dangerous).
     Also, now multiple presses can be easily ganged together in automatic press lines using one operator station to run the system. Each press can automatically "resume" the next press in line at the appropriate times using the PAUSE inputs. The PAUSE input will also "suspend" motion if the input is closed prior to cycling the press. The press will cycle when the input opens (providing any "stop" signal has not been initiated during the pause).
     The PAUSE input has no maximum time limit, however, there is a minimum time limit if the PAUSE is initiated during clutch engagement. The PAUSE must be longer than the press stopping time, or the cycle will not "resume" when the input opens.

6, 12, or 18 Channel Die Monitoring is now available!

    The 6-channel Die Monitor Board #554950A1A can be used with ALL version SYSTEM 4000 Main Control Boards. The mounting holes are identical to the Auxiliary Cam Board mounting for easy installation or upgrade. Up to three Die Monitor Boards may be used providing a total of 18 die-monitoring channels. 
    Also available is the Die Monitor Indicator Board #554955A1A which provides 6 remote (front panel) FAULT lights. The Indicator Board plugs into the remote indicator socket provided on the Die Monitor Board. The Die Monitor Board can be used with the Remote Indicator Board, or as a stand-alone internal die monitor. The Die Monitor Board contains on-board FAULT LEDs for internal visual fault indication when the Remote Indicator Board is not included. 
    Each Die-Monitoring channel can be programmed as required for "Immediate Stop", "Topstop", or "Cyclic" sensing, and monitored either "Inside Window" or "Outside Window". A "Window" input is included with each channel which may or may not be used depending on the application. When required, a "Window" input may be wired directly to an available Auxiliary Cam Board for easy and accurate window adjustment. 

Multiple Operator Stations are now available!

     The SYSTEM 4000 is now capable of safely handling any number of multiple operator stations and independent front and rear light curtains (guards) using the optional Multiple Operator Station Interface Board #554850A1A. Multiple operator stations #555011A1 must be used, which contain an ON/OFF keyed selector and indicator light, plus added contacts on both RUN buttons. Use Board #554850A2A with the revised break-proof 1RC ribbon connector when interfacing to the "E2A" Main Control Board.
     The SYSTEM 4000 was originally designed in 1990 as a control system solution to meet size and cost restrictions for small size presses. The system's easy installation, operating versatility, safety, and simple troubleshooting made the SYSTEM 4000 a great control system for presses large and small ... With one hindrance - that it could only safely accept one operator station. Now, with the optional Multiple Operator Station/Multiple Guard Interface Board, the possibilities are endless.

     NOTE: Both front and rear light curtains must be installed when installing both front and rear multiple operator stations. When ALL stations are turned off on one side of the press, that side becomes automatically guarded in ALL press modes to meet safety regulations.

     The Multiple Operator Station/Multiple Guard Interface Board can be used with ALL version SYSTEM 4000 Main Control Boards. The mounting holes are identical to the Auxiliary Cam Board mounting for easy installation or upgrade.
     The Multiple Operator Station/Multiple Guard Interface Board contains status LEDs on all input terminals for easy troubleshooting (same as the new "E" version Main Control Board).



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