The System 1500
Air Null Pressure System
For use with Combination Clutch/Brakes
on Four-Slide and Multiple-Slide Machines
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System 1500 "Online" Operating Manual

System 1500 "Online" Request-for-Quotation Form

System 1500 Features:

1). For use with a combined clutch/brake unit on four-slide and multi-slide machines.

2). Nulls the air pressure to the combination C/B in the Manual-Setup mode.

3). Provides easy turning of the "hand wheel" for slide adjustment (the motor and flywheel become disconnected).

4). Provides for a less expensive and simpler solution for updating a four-slide/multiple-slide machine by utilizing a combination clutch/brake unit.

5). Air Null pressure will remain stable even if the input air pressure varies.

6). Air Null pressure is accurate to better than .2 psi.

System 1500 Valve/Transducer Assembly

Installed Valve/Transducer Assembly

7). When included with the SYSTEM 2500, the "Air Null Pressure Adjust" is installed on the 2500 operator console.

8). The "Air Null Pressure Adjust" dial includes a locking lever to prevent dial movement under vibration.

Air Null Pressure Adjust control installed on the System 2500 Stand-alone Air Null Pressure Adjust dial with control board
9). The System 1500 is great for larger four-slide/multi-slide machines (size 3 and above) which incorporate a combined clutch/brake unit.

10). The System 1500 includes two components: The "Air Null Pressure Adjust" dial (stand-alone with power supply, or installed on the System 2500 operator console), and the Valve/Transducer Assembly (available in 1/2" and 3/4" NPT air line sizes).

11). The Valve/Transducer Assembly includes the clutch/brake operating valve and 3 foot hose for direct connection to the clutch/brake rotary union.



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