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System 2500 "On-Line" Request-for-Quotation Form

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 Customer's Name and Address
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 *Company Name:
 Email Address: (myname@somedomain.com)
*Company Type: End User OEM Rebuilder *Response Type: Email Phone Fax Postal Mail (with brochures)
 System Selection SYSTEM 2500-1 with one RUN / INCH button
SYSTEM 2500-2 with two RUN / INCH buttons (must be pressed concurrently)*

* The second RUN / INCH button is mounted on the (left) side of the console.

Control quick-latch console measures 10"h x 12"w x 4" deep.

Each system includes four machine modes, five indicator lights, E. Stop and Arming/Cyclestop buttons, 
four independent feed sensor inputs, and a 115Vac output for a combined clutch/brake operating valve.

The default-indicated items below create a "standard" System 2500 control and motor control "prewired" package...

 Control Options: Yes No   #2500CUB  Production Counter with keyed reset (bypassed in INCH mode)
Yes No   #550290A1A  Separate Clutch Output Board (for  separate 115Vac clutch and brake outputs) - Required for a separate clutch and brake unit.
Yes No   #550300A1A  Auxiliary Light Output Board (for remote sensing of the five front panel indicator lights).
Yes No   #262650A3 Auxiliary fault light on console front panel and interfaced to the low-voltage Auxiliary Stop (normally open) input (6 lights total).
Yes No   #552300A2  Auxiliary Inch/Single mode "JOG" button (for remote jogging of slides).
                    #2500CSL  Proximity type solid-state sensor with quick-connect 15ft cable (2 used for flywheel motion detection (in Manual Setup Mode) and 1 used for Cyclestop positioning).

See the optional SYSTEM 1500 Air Null Pressure System for use with a combined clutch/brake installation.

 Main Motor Control: No motor control or motor operator station required (customer to interface to existing motor control).
#2500MON Motor operator station only, non-reversing, included on control front panel.*
#2500MCN Complete motor control package with #2500SPN starter package, non-reversing.
#2500MCV Complete motor control package with #2500SPV variable frequency drive and "Speed Adjust" dial on console front panel.

* Customer to interface motor operator station to existing main motor control per installation drawing.

Complete motor control package includes adequate size enclosure, disconnect switch, fuses, heaters, control transformer, suppressors, and motor operator station mounted on console front panel.

Needed for proper starter and heater sizing...
Motor VoltageVac 
Motor HorsepowerHP

 Additional or Special Requirements: (Servo feed control, etc.)

NOTE: The Motor Control is prewired to the SYSTEM 2500 at no cost at our shop
when ordering a complete system as defaulted above. Please state sealtite length between cabinets above. 
*Machine Number:

*Requested Delivery Date:
Area Representative:

Number of Above Control Systems: (Discount applies to last system when purchased within 1 year)

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