The EBM100A
Designed in MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE Operating Format.
More than just an add-on Brake and Motion Monitor.
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EBM-100A "Online" Installation and Operating Manual

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     The EBM100A is designed as an add - on Brake/Motion Monitor for part-revolution mechanical stamping presses. The EBM100A operates in MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE format which provides MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE readings (in inches) at EVERY clutch disengagement. The MSD readings are directly converted from the press stopping time and displayed on the EBM100A front panel.

The EBM100A
user friendly thumb wheel switches
set the maximum MSD allowed.
This setting is used to locate the safe mounting distance
of all light curtains and operator stations for the press.

The EBM100A includes a full 360 degree slide motion monitoring system as well. This clutch/motion monitor helps protect the die, clutch, and flywheel belts from damage during a stall condition caused by a die jam-up, clutch/brake overlap, etc. by shutting off the clutch.

Front panel options are available, such as CRANK POSITION Indication (in degrees), STOP TIME Readout (in msec.), or CLUTCH ENGAGED TIME Readout (in msec.). A "90 Degree TEST" option can also be included which automatically stops the slide at the next 90 degree slide position (half way down) during a TEST procedure for determining the MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE at the most dangerous part of the cycle (per OSHA specifications 1910.217).

(NOTE: The "90 DEGREE TEST" Option can be installed at any time in the field.)


1). Continuously monitors the press Clutch Engage Time, Motion, and Stopping Time.

2). The Stopping Time is converted to MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE (in inches) and displayed on the front panel.

3). A tamperproof locking enclosure houses the "MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE HIGH LIMIT" setting which provides an indication of the press light curtains and operator stations safe mounting distance from the nearest die pinch point (per OSHA Specifications).

4). Circuitry prevents the "MSD HIGH LIMIT" setting from being set too high. The setting must be set within 6.3 inches (100 milliseconds) of the actual EBM100A MSD readout.

5). Front panel warning of an increase in MSD before the point of shutting down the press.

6). Auto - TEST at power - up. The EBM100A must be manually reset before press operation.

7). Dual front panel FAULT lights indicate operation of the dual channel, cross checking circuitry for fail - safe requirements as stated in OSHA specifications 1910.217. The MSD circuitry is dual crystal controlled for accuracy (displayed in tenths of an inch).

8). A front panel CLUTCH ENGAGED indicator light is included.

9). A nine LED Status/Fault indicator panel monitors ALL inputs for easy troubleshooting. Each fault is indicated. All 1/0 terminals are labeled as to each terminal connection.

10). Output contacts are 120Vac. - 3a. solid state for fast response times (field replaceable).
Two N.O. contacts wire to the emergency stop circuit on ANY existing press control.
One N.C. contact can be used for a remote FAULT light or audible alarm.

11). Simple installation. Interfaces to any existing control system with only 6 wires. (typical).

12). Will accept a wide range of press speeds from 5 to 350 strokes per minute. Will accept press stopping times up to 1.5 seconds and MSD range to 99.9 inches.

13). Can be used to accurately adjust the press slide counterbalance.


    Note: For full system press control upgrade (including brake/motion monitor) refer to the System 4000 page.


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