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EBM100A "On-Line" Request-for-Quotation Form

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 Customer's Name and Address
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 EBM100A Standard Components

Yes No  EBM100A Brake/Motion Monitor* (with Minimum Safe Distance display readout)
Yes No  550750B2 Pulse Generator Assembly (with 15ft. cable) (Required for EBM100A operation)

* The EBM100A includes a double-bit key to prevent tampering, and four (4) shock mounts for press mounting, in a 10 x 12 x 6 inch deep nema type 12 enclosure.


 EBM100A Options (Up to two additional front panel options may be included)

Yes No  554800A1A Front panel Crank Position Indicator**
Yes No  554700A2A Front panel Stop Time Indicator
Yes No  554700A3A Front panel Clutch Engage Time Indicator

Yes No  574300A1A 90-Degree Test feature - Can be installed in the field

  **  Crank Position Indicator accuracy - 2 non-reversing, 4 reversing during same stroke (0 - 360 degrees)

Additional or Special Requirements:

*Machine Number:

*Requested Delivery Date:
Area Representative:

Number of Above Monitors: (Discount applies to last unit when purchased within 1 year)

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