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    Brandes Press Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of Henry & Wright Corporation in August 2001, bringing together two premier under-drive press manufacturers with a full line of services to benefit our current and future customers. Our new company, Henry & Wright Corporation, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is dedicated to serving the stamping industry with our capital equipment products and services to enhance production.

    Henry & Wright Corporation, founded in 1918 as a division of Emhart Corporation, is the largest manufacturer of under-drive mechanical presses, ranging from 10 Tons up to 800 Tons capacity.  Most customers who possess a single 25 Ton or 50 Ton machine can attest to the robust design and durable production that reliably produces parts for decades.  Now the new Henry & Wright Corporation together with Brandes Press Company can support clients to upgrade and maintain their machinery into the 21st century.

    Brandes Press Company was founded in 1938 as an offshoot of Henry & Wright: Frank Brandes offered customers a wider array of special capacity features that weren’t available in the standard Henry & Wright product line-up.  Over the next 60 years, Brandes has provided special machines to stamping customers featuring innovative design and the same durable, rugged productivity from the basic 4-post under-drive design as offered by Henry & Wright. 

    Henry & Wright is pleased to offer the following products and services to the stamping community:

    Our company, based in Cleveland, Ohio USA, is positioned in the heart of the metalworking community to serve North America.  Indeed, Henry & Wright has customers throughout the world including South America, Europe, and Asia.  We stand ready to serve your needs.  Please check out our Web site, e-mail us at info@henrywright.com, call us at (216) 851-3750, or fax us at (216) 851-3970.  We look forward to follow-up communications with you so we can learn how to best serve your needs.

    Best Regards,

    Austin W. Moore, Henry & Wright Corporation


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