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Dieing Machines
     Press Section 1
     L. H. End Section - Section B B  2
     R. H. End View - Section A A  3
     Press Layout Catalog Numbers 4
     Roll Feed and Incoming Support Bracket 5
     Incoming Roll Feed - Feed Drive, Stock Guide, Stock Lubrication 6
     Roll Feed with Air Release - Section F F  7
     Roll Feed Catalog Numbers 8
     Scrap Cutter and Feed Drive Mechanism  9
     Scrap Cutter Feed Drive, Outside Support Bracket Sectional Views 10
     Scrap Cutter Catalog Numbers 11
     Roll Feed with Mechanical Release - Section F F  12
     Mechanical Release 13
     Water Cooled Brakes and Air Cooled Brakes 14
     Combination Friction Clutch and Brake - Operation and Service Instructions 15
     Combination Friction Clutch and Brake - Pneumatic Type 16
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